Simeon "Sam"


Sam began life in Shanghai, China then WWII forced his family back to the Philippines. Growing up, Sam earned money by shining shoes and selling newspapers. 

After serving in the Philippine Army, Sam joined the United States Navy where he spent the majority of his career on board ships. He served aboard the USS...

Nelly Lansang

Nellie Alison Lansang was born on August 29, 1949 in the small town of Ubay, Bohol, Philippines to Gerardo and Rosamunda Alison.  She was the oldest of 4 children and had 3 younger siblings – Boy Noni, Doris, and Bernadette... 

Deacon Sam Martinez

Seodello Alvero “Sam” Martinez, born in Cavite, Philippines, October 5, 1929. He passed April 15, 2019 after a life of service to his family, country, and church. Sam was a convert to the faith... 


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